Osteo-Articular Joint Mobilization

The passive movement of a joint to restore motion, relieve pain and increase range of motion. Small oscillatory motions that do not stretch the capsular or other soft tissue structures are often used for reducing pain. While larger oscillatory or sustained motions are used to stretch structures and restore accessory or joint play motions. Movements are slow enough that the client can voluntarily stop them.

Cranial Osteopathy

A form of alternative osteopathy developed by Dr William G Sutherland (1873–1954), who viewed life as pulsating contractions and expansions that he called the “breath of life”.

According to Sutherland, a healthy cranio sacral system pulsates at a rate of 6 to 15 times per minute. In craniosacral therapy, the bones of the skull and face are manipulated to facilitate the flow of the “living forces”, possibly by improving the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The manipulation is believed to be effective in treating autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, ear infections, oedema, epilepsy, headaches, hypertension, hypotension, mood disorders, recurrent infections, spinalcord injury, stroke, temporomandibular joint syndrome, stress, tension, tinnitus and other conditions. Cranial osteopathy has three approaches: meningeal, reflex and sutural (in which the sutures between the cranial bones are manipulated).

In Osteopathy, this is an approach to treatment and healing that considers the whole client especially in regard to the motion tissues and fluids of the skull area.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Manual therapy that affects the soft tissues of the body (e.g. muscle, fascia).

Muscle Energy Techniques

A bodywork modality that intends to adjust proprioceptive activity and levels of resting tension through gentle stretching and muscle contraction against resistance.

Visceral Manipulation

A general term for the stretching, kneading and gentle palpation of deep tissues (e.g. internal organs), with the intent of enhancing the flow of fluids and energy resulting in releasing restrictions. Visceral manipulation is based on the belief that visceral organs can become distorted from tension and stress.  Resulting in the connective tissues drying out and the “sticking” of bodily functions  (e.g. constipation). Normal bodily functions can be enhanced by periodic manipulation.

Osteopathy Rates

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