Our mushroom business, Mycelyum, has really taken off!

So I will no longer be offering the booking calendar on the website and will be retiring from doing scheduled treatment days this fall.

If you wish to be placed on the waitlist for any future openings, please Contact Us.

Thank you to all of my wonderful clients who I have seen over the years!


#101 – 1680 Field Road
Sechelt, BC V7Z 0B1

At Holistic Evolution, we treat the whole person. We use treatments that focus on finding the source of the problem and not just chasing the symptoms.


Manual Osteopaths identify, assess, and treat the body’s tissues, systems and joints to restore balance by addressing root causes of pain using a gentle, hands-on approach. Using soft tissue manipulation, Manual Osteopaths can make sure the length and tension of soft tissues and fascia are properly balanced. With balanced soft tissues, aching joints can be treated to improve mobility and reduce pain while circulation to your blood, lymphatic, nervous and spinal fluid systems can be restored.